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  As a leading company in roll-forming wheel production, Jingu pays high attention on technology innovation and R&D. It keeps optimizing production process in order to introduce new technology and new products, which are of high quality as well as high standard, to market. Many techniques of Jingu make other competitors in the peer pale. In production process, technical parameters like runout, dynamic balance, harmonic wave, and leak test, are inspected and monitored to improve product performance. A professional painting team devote themselves to improving wheel coating performance. Jingu has introduced super anti-corrosion wheels and galvanized truck wheels and it is the only steel wheel manufacturer in the whole world who possesses the technology to produce the two types of wheels.




   The structurally optimized spoke construction provides a wheel with very large window area.The addition of an inexpensive form-fitting wheel cover completes a wheel system that combines the beauty of an aluminum wheel at a styled steel wheel cost. Subsequent changes in wheel system appearance can be quickly made at low investment without the need for expensive and time consuming wheel validation testing. With a simple wheel cover change, a convincing aluminum wheel appearance is obtained with much less cost, development time and investment than releasing a new aluminum wheel.
  By taking advantage of dual phase steel technology and rim flow forming, the weight of the high vent wheel may equal the weight of the aluminum wheel it replaces!
  The optimized spoke structure of the wheel disc with its large ventilation area improves heat dispersion, lowers brake temperature and reveals the brake as an appearance feature of the vehicle.




   Because the attachment of the disc to the rim is moved to the bead seat area of the wheel, the appearance of semi & full-face wheels is similar to the large wheel appearance of aluminum wheels. The window areas of full-face wheels can be moved radially outward which enhances this large wheel appearance. And being a styled steel wheel, it is cost effective as compared to aluminum wheels.
  A wheel cover is not needed. This eliminates NVH complaints originating with the wheel cover and reduces the cost of the wheel system.
  Attachment of the wheel disc at the tire bead seat increases brake clearance and allows for more brake package volume. This increases heat dissipation and allows for potential resizing to a high performance brake with the same wheel system.




  By adopting high-strength material like SPFH590, DP600, DP780 and so on, 15% to 30% weight of a steel wheel may be reduced. If a steel wheel and an aluminum wheel are of the same application, the weight of the steel wheel can be close to or even lighter than that of the aluminum wheel.
  By taking advantage of rim flow forming technology, Jingu develops ultralight wheels. Lightening steel wheels can help to realize the objective of energy conservation and emission reduction. At the same time, compared with aluminum wheels, ultralight wheels have price advantage and cost merit.